Total Health

Total Health

This curriculum for high school students is designed to provide students with a thorough understanding of all important physical, mental and social health issues. Written directly to teens from a caring and friendly perspective, Total Healthpresents a moral basis for a healthy lifestyle based upon scriptural principles. Anatomy, Body systems, food choices, exercise, diseases, stress, emergencies, responsibility, and more.



Total Health: Choices for a Winning Lifestyle Student Textbook   by Susan Boe

Here is a curriculum that my 12th-grade son enjoyed. Total Health is much more than a health curriculum. It’s a science curriculum and a Bible study, filled with practical, useable knowledge. In fact, Chris liked it so much, he put aside several other subjects so he could concentrate on this one! Readable and interesting, it has 16 units broken into 3-5 smaller units each, for a full year of science/health. What makes Total Health so unique, is that it’s written from a biblical perspective, with the idea that a person is not truly healthy unless they are spiritually healthy as well. Covers systems of the body (the reproductive system is covered in the most general of terms without going into any detail concerning sex), nutrition, fitness, disease, relationships (including a courtship-type model without using that term), first aid, your relationship with Christ and much more!

Test/quiz master sold separately (see individual product description).

464 pages

High School.

464 pgs
High School

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