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The Story of Liberty

This is a reprint of Charles Coffin's history of the march of mankind from "slavery to freedom", first published in 1879, and climaxing with an account of the role of Providence in the founding of America as the nursery of freedom.
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The Story of Liberty  by Charles C Coffin

"The Story of Liberty" was first published in 1881 by the name of  "Old Times in the Colonies". This reprint opens with an introduction by the author (Charles Coffin) stating, "You will notice that the events which have given direction to the course of history have not always been great battles, for very few of the many conflicts of arms have had any determining force; but it will be seen that insignificant events have been not unfrequently followed by momentous results. You will see that everything of the present, be it good or bad, may be traced to something the past; that history is a chain of events." Coffin attempts to create this chain for his readers, connecting events from the distant past to events in our recent past, starting with King John of England to Massasoit of the New World (500 years). While depicting the seeming triumph of evil over the ages, he demonstrates the relentless hand of God's grace forever at work "behind the scenes." If you and your kids enjoy old reprints, you'll enjoy this book.

"The Story of Liberty" (grades 6-12) is a recommended spine book for TQ guides "Renaissance/Reformation," and "Age of Revolution 1." What is a "spine book"? Remember, in TruthQuest history, no single book is "required," however, there are a number of books that are referred to to create an educational/historical spine in which your student can "hang" all his new-found knowledge. If you are using TQ history, you may find it helpful to include one or two of these in your study. This book would also provide support for Mystery of History 2 and Mystery of History 3.

  • Read the story of the Providential Hand of God in founding the American Colonies.
  • Follow the Pilgrims as they are driven from England and crossed the Atlantic in their search for freedom to worship God.
  • Watch as they begin the Christian idea of self-government and give the world the ideal of a written constitution based on Christian Principles that have given eagle wings to the human spirit!
  • See how Tyranny and Wrong have fought against Liberty and Justice and how Tyranny and Wrong have gone done before it.
415 pgs
6 - 12
Maranatha Publications

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