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Progeny Press Sign of the Beaver

The Sign of the Beaver Progeny Press Study Guide CD

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The Sign of the Beaver Progeny Press Study Guide CD by Lisa Leep,

for the book by Elizabeth Goerge Speare

This Progeny Press Study Guide assists in reading and comprehension for your student as he reads through the book "The Sign of the Beaver". It will give a  synopsis of the book, as well as background information on the author, and the historical setting. Activities include comprehension questions, character studies, critical thinking exercises, scripture application, vocabulary, puzzles, essay ideas, and project ideas. An answer key is included with each guide. This is a re-producable CD, making it convenient for multiple children within your family.

About "The Sign of the Beaver":

The Sign of the Beaver is the fascinating story of a young boy who is left behind to care for the homestead while his father returns to “civilization” to get the rest of the family. When the family never shows up, he is left to fend for himself in the Maine wilderness. A wonderful story of the Northeastern woodland Indians, this Newbery Award winning classic by Elizabeth George Speare encourages perseverance and loyalty.

Grade Level 5 - 7

5 - 7
Progeny Press

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