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The Reading Lesson

The Reading Lesson

Take your child from no reading skills to the second grade level of reading! 20 step-by-step lessons are designed for parents of preschoolers who want to teach their children to read. A lesson introduction tells the parent what letter and skills are being covered; instructional pages feature illustrations or words for the child to read with small notes for the teacher where explanation or reinforcement is needed. 
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Read Lesson
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 The Reading Lesson

 The author of this new learn-to-read program asked us to preview The Reading Lesson when we were at a homeschool convention in California. 

She couldn’t have asked at a better time! Iwasn’t having much success teaching Caleb (my kindergartener) to read with the programs that had worked so well with my other children. To be honest, he was having a hard time even learning the alphabet!  However, when I gave him this new curriculum, Caleb was instantly captivated by the easy-to-use, delightful, and economical program.  The program is extremely easy to use, and Caleb was reading simple words by the third day!  His favorite part of the program is the CD Rom (Mac or PC) games featuring Giggle Bunny.  Giggle Bunny plays numerous games with your little reader.  The games are tailored to the lesson he is currently studying to reinforce the new concepts and review previous ones.  Games include letter and word identification, reading games, typing and spelling games, matching, and so on.  Caleb loves the Giggle Bunny games (sold separately), and has worked ahead in his workbook because of the reinforcement afforded by the CD Rom games.  The games aren't integral to the program, but are a very valuable addition that add the pizzazz so important to today's child. Also sold separately is the Story Book CD, which provides stories for your child to read, keyed to each lesson - a great way to get additional practice on the new concepts being learned!  The subtitle, Teach Your Child to Read in 20 Easy Lessons, is a little misleading.  There are indeed only 20 easy lessons; however, each lesson can take a week or longer to accomplish.  Caleb, with his short attention span, only does 1 or 2 pages each day, and each lesson is about 15 pages long.  Of course, if your child picks up the concepts quickly, you could easily move through this book in just a few months.  The textbook is consumable, and is full of workbook-style activities for your child to practice his newly-acquired skills.  I love this program and highly, highly recommend it. 
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