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Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study

The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study

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The Most Important Thing You'll Ever Study: A Survey of the Bible by Starr Meade - This is one really wonderful curriculum!  I love it!  God's Word is the most important thing a Christian will ever study.  This introductory overview of the message of the Bible encourages middle and high school students to explore God's Word for themselves.  It leads young teens through the story of the Bible chronologically, teaching them about important themes and topics, such as the role of God as the main character of His own story and the relationship between Scripture's divine inspiration and human authorship. 

Mrs. Meade says: "Certainly the Bible is not just any book, and our goal is never just to know the information it holds. God requires us to let his Word affect our hearts; he requires us to change our attitudes and our lifestyles so that we think and do what the Bible tells us to. But surely we must begin by knowing what it says."

With 800 pages, the set includes 4 student books (2 for OT and 2 for NT) and an answer key (the books are not sold separately anywhere). It is designed to be flexible, so if you want to study in-depth, this will last you several years.  If you want a bird's eye view, you can move through quickly.  The student workbooks have teaching text as well as fill-in-the-blank questions for the student. 

This year we'll be studying ancient civilizations beginning with creation.  I figured this would be a great year (or maybe 2 years) for our entire family to read through the Bible.  We'll be using this curriculum for my 6th, 9th, and 11th graders, plus myself and my husband (we'll share one). All I can say is that I'm so impressed!

800 pgs
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ages 12-adult
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