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Light in the Forest

The Light in the Forest

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The Light in the Forest

by Conrad Richter

The Light in the Forest is the classic tale by Conrad Richter. This is one of my boys’ favorite books. Based on a true story, it marvelously depicts the misunderstandings between the Indians and the white man. True Son, a white child, had been kidnapped and adopted by the Lenni Lenape Indians. Now, when it is time to return to his biological parents, he cannot shed his Indian upbringing. A tragic story depicting the unhealable breach between the people groups. An excellent addition to any study of American history or PA state history.

This is one of the 8 book selections that complement the popular Keystones Pennsylvania History program and can be used with the program to create a complete one-year literature-based program. A complete one-year lesson plan is included in the Keystones Pennsylvania History Teacher’s Manual. For additional savings, see our 6-Piece Literature Package.


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