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Signs and Seasons

Signs & Seasons

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Signs and Seasons Understanding The Elements of Classical Astronomy Fourth Day Press

by Jay Ryan

Signs and Seasons is a classical approach to astronomy from a Christian perspective for grades 8-12. The author, Jay Ryan, quotes ancient sources throughout the course, tying in centuries of knowledge and understanding. This is a beautiful, hard-cover book, full of pictures and diagrams. The first part reads like a science text/devotional.
The back of the book contains 40 field activities for each chapter so that your student (or your entire family) can go outside, chart the skies and journal their way through a classical study of the skies. No telescope necessary!

Follow the cycles of the Sun, Moon, and stars, discover how to find the planets in the night sky, learn the astronomical basis for our calendar -- all from a Biblical perspective. Throughout all history, people have told time and found direction from the Sun, Moon and stars. This is the purpose for which the LORD created the celestial bodies - for signs and seasons, and days and years (Genesis 1:14).

Signs & Seasons is an evolution-free Christian homeschool astronomy curriculum that teaches the traditional, Biblical basis for timekeeping and navigation. Topics include:

  • The Phases of the Moon and the Passage of the Seasons;
  • Finding the Traditional Constellations and identifying the Visible Planets;
  • How our Calendar is based on the Sun and Moon;
  • How the times of Passover and Easter are derived from their cycles.

Signs & Seasons is lavishly illustrated, with images that depict the appearances of the night sky, to prepare you for what you can see outside on any clear night, at home or anywhere you might travel.

Learn astronomy through the quoted words of Scripture and many authors - ancient, medieval, and modern, Christian and secular alike - from Aristotle and Cicero, Augustine and Basil the Great, Martin Luther and John Calvin, to Shakespeare and Leonardo da Vinci.

Importantly, Signs & Seasons sets the record straight about supposed “pagan influences” in astronomy, and offers challenging Biblical and historical explanations that distinguish the legitimate science of astronomy from the ancient superstition of astrology.

We used Signs & Seasons as a high school science curriculum with 2 of our sons, and they thoroughly enjoyed it! It was easy-to-use and understandable - and we truly enjoyed our studies.

To view a sample from Signs and Seasons click here Signs and Seasons Sample

Also Available: The Signs and Seasons Field Journal and Test Manual

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