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Shurley English Level 2 Workbook

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Shurley English Level 2 Workbook

Shurley English Levels 1-6 use workbooks rather than traditional textbooks for students to practice and test their acquired knowledge and skills. Each workbook contains four sections.

  • Jingle: This section contains all the jingles.
  • Reference: This section includes vocabulary words, guided practices, samples, guidelines, English rules, and charts.
  • Practice: This section provides extra practice on the various skills taught before the skills are tested.
  • Test: This section contains the tests for each chapter. Each test is divided into 4 basic areas: grammar, vocabulary, language skills, and a summary of the things learned for the week.

Shurley English Level 2 covers capitalization, punctuation, irregular verbs, exclamatory sentences, basic parts of speech, and more.

Grade Level 1.

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