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Shepherding A Child's Heart

Shepherding A Child's Heart

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Shepherding a Child's Heart

by Ted Tripp

Shepherding A Child’s Heart is the child-training “classic” by Ted Tripp. The concepts contained in this book have changed our child-raising philosophy, and made a tremendous difference in the the lives of our children. Tripp’s teachings are wonderfully simple: to see true change in a child, you have to get to his heart. What makes it so challenging is learning to look beyond the sinful action (like hitting or displays of temper) to the heart condition that motivates the action. In other words I can spank my child for hitting her sister, or I can look deeper and address the issues of pride or envy that motivated the display. Shepherding a Child’s Heart is a book that equips you to look at heart issues, draw them from your child, and address them appropriately. It teaches you the best way to show your child his desperate need for a Savior - which is especially helpful for those of us who have raised our children from birth in Christian families. I often wonder if our kids truly understand their own sinfulness and need, since from the world’s perspective they are such "good' kids! This book is a true parenting treasure that should be referred to time and time again.

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