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Sequential Spelling #1

Sequential Spelling Level 1 Set

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Sequential Spelling Level 1

by Don McCabe

This set includes a level one teacher book and a generic student response book. If you are doing Sequential Spelling Level 1 with a younger student, you can purchase a separate teacher book plus a level one workbook for younger students (with puzzles and additional spelling practice) rather than this set (see links below). I personally use the generic response book for all my students regardless of age. But, remember, you are the best judge for YOUR student.  

For years I have been looking for a twaddle-free spelling program. I believe I have found it! This is one of the programs that my kids actually ask to do! No busy work, the approach is so unique. All you do is give your kids a “spelling test” each day - without first teaching a lesson. They correct each word immediately. They practice the same group of words for several days before moving on to a new logical progression of a word family. For example, they might learn: all, tall, stall, install, uninstall, installment, etc. They get 25 words each day (for 180 days). Though the series is intended for grades K-12, I wouldn’t recommend starting this series before 2nd grade (for good spellers) or 3rd grade (for poor spellers). Regardless of their grade, start them in the first book (it is not at all dumbed down). This year I used the first book for my 3rd, 6th, and 8th graders. Each level comes with a teacher’s guide and one student workbook, although you can purchase additional worbooks separately. What I like: So easy to use, twaddle-free, highly-academic, multilevel, and so economical! What I don’t like: The author’s philosophy is that spelling rules confuse the student, so you shouldn’t introduce the rules. Just show them the word. This smacks of “whole language” to me, so I make sure I explain the rules to my kids as I go: “Remember to double the -t- before adding the -ing,” etc. For an older student you can add Apples for a perfect spelling course.


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