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Research in Increments  by Susan Kemmerer

This is homeschooling at its best. Here is a book that gives your student real-life skills. If you've ever wondered if your child would have learning gaps that would cripple his future, well, worry no more! "Research in Increments" teaches your students how to write a research paper. Armed with this skill, your child can study anything, learn anything, and know how to present it. This one book applies to any subject matter, be it history, science, social studies, literature, or Bible. If neither you nor your child has ever written a research paper, you need not be concerned. "Research in Increments" breaks the process down into simple, logical steps that can be accomplished in as little as ten minutes a day. My kids write 2 research papers a year starting in about 5th grade. They seldom fuss about it, because "Research in Increments" makes it so easy! (Just try to imagine your kids NOT fussing about doing the dreaded research paper!) This new, revised edition contains up-to-date information, an idea bank, and A DAILY LESSON PLAN! And best of all, the price is so low. The book can be used for multi-level teaching, too. I've used it for my kids from grades 4 through college! You can use it in conjunction with your current language arts curriculum. It breaks the writing and research process down into incremental steps easy enough for a 4th grader to follow, but thorough enough for high school and college. Your student can create a terrific research paper with as little as ten minutes per day of work. Most importantly, research is presented from a Christian perspective, teaching that research is not just an exercise in futility! Research has a purpose - to help your student in his biblical purpose of growing in knowledge and wisdom. Your student will be encouraged. Consumable.

4 - 12
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I used this as a research paper guide for a 10th grader and a 6th grader last year. We skimmed through the book cover to cover, then I referred them to the steps and instructions on certain pages as they needed to write papers assigned in other subjects. When my 4th grader did her first “real” research paper, we used the guidelines and instructions from this book. This is very versatile book, since just in our family it’s been used for a fourth grader, sixth grader and high school student. It will be staying on the shelf of current schoolbooks to be used whenever needed until all my students have graduated.