Raising Real Men by Hal & Melanie Young

Raising Real Men




Raising Real Men by Hal and Melanie Young

Parenting, Child training, Raising boys

"As a mother of three real boys for over 12 years now who has read her share of books on rearing the male species, I did not expect to be surprised by theYoung’s take on child rearing.  But I was.  From the moment my husband began reading aloud the introduction to me on the sofa, we knew this book was unique. Every night we didn’t fall into bed exhausted from the challenges of constructively corralling our boys’ energy for good use, we reached for this book to read and discuss yet another important point in raising them to be 'real men.' Raising Real Men: Surviving, Teaching, and Appreciating Boys has challenged us to change some of our daily practices and encouraged us to instill new traditions.

This book is Real.  Hal and Melanie understand the chaos, turmoil, and destruction that is boyhood, and they explain what makes these qualities essential to becoming masculine.  In Raising Real Men, they give Real principles regarding the importance of Real work in the shaping of these young men, including why they need chores and how to train boys to contribute to their family and society; the importance of responsibility and how consequences are a natural part of the learning process for boys; and why earning a living should be a natural goal from a young age.

The Youngs put great emphasis on allowing young men to learn from Real life.  They encourage parents to gradually permit increasing risk, preparing the Real boy to deal with the Real situations of life when he leaves home.  Such risk is coupled with stewardship principles, both financial and material.  Real education includes shadowing the parent, at times, or learning to stand alone when appropriate.  The goal is to produce men who are capable of leading their own homes when God calls them to do so, by giving them both the training and the experience they need during these formative years.

The strength of this book is its emphasis on the Reality of God.  Hal and Melanie emphasize sound leadership principles from the Bible.  Scripture reading and meditation is always foremost in their home study, and it permeates their teaching in Raising Real Men. That makes it Real discipleship." ~ Review by Lea Ann Garfias,  from her blog, Whatever State I Am

253 pgs
  • Personal Encouragement
Great Waters Press

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