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Paths of Exploration

Trail Guides of Learning Paths of Exploration 2nd Edition

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Trail Guides of Learning: Paths of Exploration 

by Debbie Strayer and Linda Fowler

Did you ever want to break free of traditional teaching approaches but worry that you wouldn't do it right?
More than a curriculum, the Trail Guide to Learning series teaches you HOW to teach. Taken from the heart of Dr. Ruth Beechick's philosophy and personal mentoring, this curriculum not only guides you in what to teach, but how to make the most of these precious homeschooling years. 

Wouldn’t you love to guide your students in learning How to think rather than simply What to think?

Trail Guide to Learning uses real books, reading and writing for a reason, and activities that don’t just fill time and paper – but bring points home. LIttle teacher preparation is required because the lessons are well layed out. Your students will create personal notebooks that double as portfolios to show what they have learned.
The Trail Guide to Learning is based on proven educational principles, and fully utilizes methods developed by noted author and educator, Dr. Ruth Beechick.

It will help you:
• Set in motion the thinking skills that lead to comprehension and writing ability.
• Increase science, history, literature and geography knowledge while establishing tool skills (reading, writing, listening, and speaking).
• Use real books to provide key connections and motivate listening and reading.
• Utilize Charlotte Mason’s philosophy of developing thinking skills naturally through observation and narration, while connecting subjects in a thought-provoking way.

Paths of Exploration takes students on a journey. Follow the steps of famous explorers and pioneers across America and let geography be your guide to science, history, language skills, and the arts. This journey will teach students HOW to think by asking, answering, and investigating questions about our great country's beginning and growth. The paths of the explorers are seen through multidisciplinary eyes, but always with the same goals: to make learning enjoyable, memorable, and motivating. This full one-year course for 3rd, 4th and 5th graders (adaptable for 2nd and 6th) covers six units in two volumes.

Set Includes Volume 1, Volume 2 - Student Resource Notebook now downloadable from the publisher with registration

2 - 6
Geography Matters

This is truly an amazing curriculum for all ages. Its classical approach does not just include geography; it is a complete program (except for Math). It is way worth the price! It is very easy to use and breaks everything out in a day-to-day lesson plan. It really attempts to help the child improve on its own thinking skills. The CD makes it easy to print out pages that can be used over and over again and it has a spectacular range of books for the children to read!