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Our Island Story

Our Island Story

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Our Island Story  by H.E. Marshall

  Our Island Story - by H. E. Marshall - was first published in 1905. As the author says in the introduction, "Although I hope you will not put this book beside your school books, but quite at the other end of the shelf, beside Robinson Crusoe and A Noah’s Ark Geography, I hope, too, that it will help you to like your school history books better than ever, and that, when you grow up, you will want to read for yourselves the beautiful big histories which have helped me to write this little book for little people."

A child's history of England from earliest legendary times delightfully retold. Beginning with the stories of Albion and Brutus, it relates all the interesting legends and hero tales in which the history of England abounds through the end of the reign of Queen Victoria.  This book is a spine book for TruthQuest "Ancient Rome," and "Middle Ages," "Renaissance & Reformation," "Age of Revolution I," "Age of Revolution II," and "Age of Revolution III."

Ages 9-12 653 pages.

4 - 7

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