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Micro Business for Teens

Micro Business for Teens Bundle

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Micro Business for Teens Bundle by Carol Topp. Homeschool subjects covered:  entrepreneurship, business, math, economics.

Micro Business for Teens Bundle - I love this course! Micro Business for Teens is a course for homeschool kids who want to take their ideas, talents, and "whatever they have in their hands" and use those to make money.   Learn how to quickly and easily start a home-based business with little risk and maintenance, all while learning a lot and earning money.  This course is so real!  Not only for brilliant, talented kids with lots of start up capital; Micro Business is actually for typical homeschool teens who may feel they have little to offer and are desperate for some income.    Written from a Christian perspective, this 3-book set teaches teens how to organize their ideas and how to implement them into an actual money-making business.  Throughout the text are inspiring ideas of kids who are actually doing it successfully!

The 3-book set includes Starting a Micro Business, Running a Micro Business, and the Micro Business for Teens workbook. The workbook is consumable, so if you have more than one student taking this course, you'll want to purchase an extra workbook.  For further information on each of the titles in the Micro Business for Teens Bundle, just click on the links below. You can also add Money and Taxes in a Micro Business textbook (not included in bundle) for an even more complete study of business.

This homeschool course is approximately 14 weeks long, although depending on your student's business and marketing plans, it could take longer.  Easy to use, you simply read one chapter and complete one lesson in the workbook each week.  Ideas for doing the course as a co-op are also included.  

As a homeschool mom of two entrepreneurs, let me remind you that despite the current pressure for all kids to go to college, the truth of the matter is that it may not be God's will for your child to go to college.  Maybe your child will be an entrepreneur.  God calls brilliant people not only to go to college (like the apostle Paul), but also to create and run God-honoring businesses (such as the apostle Peter).  God needs not only brilliant doctors and teachers, but also brilliant painters and landscapers and farmers.  In fact two of my brilliant students started businesses with little or no college, and are running these businesses, supporting their families, and blessing their communities through their work.  

As author Carol Topp says, "This book is very practical.  If you want inspiration, it's here in small bites, but primarily this book will be helpful and useful to you.  Think of it as getting a CPA's advice for under $20.00!"

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