Language Lessons for Elementary Child 1

Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 1 (Ages 8 - 12)



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Language Lessons For The Elementary Child 1

by Sandi Queen

Language Lessons for the Elementary Child 1 is geared for ages 8 - 12. More advanced grammar, contractions, alphabetizing, synonyms, antonyms, compound and run-on sentences, letter writing, poetry writing, picture study, narration, copywork and more. This program is skill specific rather than grade specific (which is why these aren't grade-leveled). If you are looking for a really easy-to-use, delightful language arts program, utilizing the Charlotte Mason method, then you’ll love Sandi Queen’s Language Lessons.


If you are looking for a light and enjoyable language arts resource this is a wonderful one. I used this then switched and my daughter's begged to go back to Queen Homeschool Language Lessons - so I did. It breaks up the daily exercises so they are not repetitive and throws in picture study, creative writing, grammar & poetry so well interlaced. It is not taxing as some grammar programs can be so it keeps enjoyment in a sometimes not enjoyable subject!