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Keystones Pennsylvania History Student Activity Pack



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Keystones Pennsylvania History Student Activity Pack

by Susan Kemmerer

A complete PA History program designed for the third through seventh grader, Keystones Pennsylvania History is both fun and interesting. The activity pack provides the "hands-on" activities for the students, and is the meat of the program. It is essential to the Keystones program. With the Pennsylvania Keystones activity pack, your student will do map studies, timelines, nature studies, and creative writing. Your student will create a keepsake notebook, which introduces him to government, geography, industry and agriculture, flora and fauna, and more! The activity pack is consumable, so you will need one for each student. However, you are given photocopy privileges for use within your family.

110 pages. Loose-leaf (shrink-wrapped), 3-hole-punched, for easy placement in a notebook/journal. The photo shows the Keystones textbook. The cover of the activity pack is black and white.

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3 - 7
Schoolhouse Publishing

I have taught PA history and geography for many years with many different text books. This book is the best by far! It covers all aspects of PA history and geography with many hands-on activities. Biblical inspiration and a Christian world view run throughout the whole study. I highly recommend this activity pack to all Christian school teachers and home school parents.