Keystone 2 CD

Keystone 2 Pennsylvania History CD for Secondary Students



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Keystone 2 Pennsylvania History CD for Secondary Students

by Susan Kemmerer

(Revised!) At last, a Pennsylvania history course for high schoolers that uses real books! A literature-based unit study, Keystones 2 walks your student through our state’s fascinating history. The study guide comes complete with a daily lesson plan, special reading assignments, over 2 dozen additional activity sheets, charts, maps and timelines, and a short guide to writing research papers. Meticulously researched. By the time your student has completed the course, he will have read 5 books, written a research paper (optional), and completed numerous activities. Contains about 90 lessons for a semester’s worth of work. The 5 books necessary to complete the course are listed below.

 The books necessary to complete Keystones 2 are written on a 6-12 grade reading level (please see individual products for complete descriptions): "Hostage on the Nighthawk," "Ben Franklin of Old Philadelphia," "Free Indeed," "Johnstown Flood," and "Reuben." ("Reuben" and "Hostage on the Nighthawk" are presently out of print, you may find it in your local library)

Keystones 2 Pennsylvania History CD contains the daily lesson plan, activity sheets (such as timelines, maps, charts, etc), additional compositions and copies of original source documents, and more in a pdf format.

9 - 12
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