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Home Economics Level 2

Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 2

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Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 2

by The Pearables with Ann White

The Home Economics for Homeschoolers books were written for girls ages 8 and up (figuring realistically, that's the age little girls should be learning these skills rather than waiting until they're in high school!). Published by the Pearables company, this book is full of scripture, encouragement, and sound advice presented in a very user-friendly format. There are 30 lessons presented - one for each week. In level two they are taught lessons in several categories. In cooking (16 lessons) they are presented with lessons such as nutrition, baking, cooking meat, making soups and casseroles, and candy making. They are also taught to clean up after themselves. In the unit on cleaning and organizing (5 lessons) they are taught useful skills such as cleaning their bedroom (including under the bed) and organizing their school stuff. In sewing they are taught other hand-sewing techniques and are introduced to the sewing machine (6 lessons). The book ends with 3 lessons on hospitality. Each task throughout the book is broken down into simple steps. For example, in the sewing unit there are 2 lessons on assembling a simple sewing kit. Your daughter will make an sewing-tools organizer out of a coffee can (she'll decorate it with lace and fabric). Then you take your daughter shopping to purchase basic sewing tools for her little kit: needles, thread, tape measure, thimble, etc. As you can imagine, the girls love this! If you are like me and long to pass real skills on to your daughters, but find yourself doing the hit-or-miss method, you'll love the well-thought-out, gentle progression in these books.


This book was one of only a tiny number of Home Ec type books that I found that was designed for young girls. We have had lots of fun with this book. My mother was here visiting in the fall, and she taught my daughter the sewing units, which was a special time for both of them, and they went above and beyond the things taught in the book. My 9yo daughter even designed and sewed her own hand-quilted wall-hanging. We spread the cooking projects out over the school year and had great success with most of the recipes in the book.