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Home Economics Level 1

Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 1

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Home Economics for Home Schoolers Level 1

by The Pearables with Ann White

The Home Economics for Homeschoolers books were written for girls ages 6 and up (figuring realistically, that's the age little girls should be learning these skills rather than waiting until they're in high school!). Published by the Pearables company, this book is full of scripture, encouragement, and sound advice presented in a very user-friendly format. There are 30 lessons presented - one for each week which teach Nutrition, Cooking, Baking, Cleaning, Sewing, Hospitality, and Organization. My daughters (ages 8 and 11) are loving this book! In level one they are taught lessons in several categories. In cooking (15 lessons) they are presented with lessons such as nutrition, peeling vegetables, cooking eggs, using a stove, making a salad, garnishing, using kitchen tools (such as a grater or a rolling pin). They are also taught to clean up after themselves. In the unit on cleaning (5 lessons) they are taught useful skills such as bed-making, vacuuming, and dish washing. In sewing they are taught skills in simple cutting and hand-stitching (4 lessons). In organization they are taught the invaluable skills of organizing a bookshelf and a closet (3 lessons). The book ends with lessons on hospitality. Each task throughout the book is broken down into simple steps. For example, in the dusting lesson, students are taught what tools they'll need (rags, feather duster, etc.). Next they are taught in 2 steps how to dust wood furniture. The next 2 steps teach how to dust knickknacks. The lesson ends with how to wash a window (there's even a recipe for homemade vinegar-water window cleaning solution!). If you are like me and long to pass real skills on to your daughters, but find yourself doing the hit-or-miss method, you'll love the well-thought-out, gentle progression in these books.


This is a delightful way to introduce home economics to your children. We used it with three of our children (and, yes, one was a boy and I'm sure his wife will thank me for it in the future!) as a summer "elective". The book is written in a friendly format that speaks right to the child. We chose to read the book aloud as a group and then move on to the activity for the day. The children have learned how to clean the house, straighten their drawers and bookshelves, cook simple meals, etc. On the days we did not have the ingredients handy, the children helped write up the shopping list! As soon as the food supplies were handy, we set to work preparing the food for the day. The children were very excited to share their new "creation" with Dad. The practical application of this book makes it a winner. The children actually DO everything the book talks about. We are looking forward to using another level of the program next summer! This book would work well once a week during the school year or as a 3 day per week summer elective.