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Growing Up Christian

Growing Up Christian

"Growing Up Christian" encourages 15- to 18-year-olds raised in Christian homes to take responsibility for their relationship with God and to grow in their love of Christ.
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Growing Up Christian

by Karl Graustein

I remember when I was saved. I know what it’s like to live a Godless life. Not so for my husband and my children. They’ve been raised in Christian families and don’t recall a time when they didn’t love Jesus. Of course they’ve made personal decisions for Christ, but their lives have always been “about Him.” They’ve never experienced sin the way I have...at least that’s what they may think. And that’s exactly what Growing Up Christian addresses. Though you and your children may have been raised loving Jesus your whole life, you too are a sinner of the vilest kind (hard to comprehend when you’ve never really been “bad”) and are in desperate need of a Savior. Written for teens and young adults, this book will help your children to see themselves through God’s eyes, and to truly understand their most desperate need. The book has “In The Mirror” exercises that help your teen to look at himself as God would see him, and then to evaluate himself. Each chapter also ends with comprehension questions, making this more than just a book. I used it this year with my 10th and 12th grade sons as part of their language arts program. I wrote a lesson plan for my kids, to accompany the book, because I wanted them to do more than just read through it. Of course the conviction of sin and the understanding of our need of a Savior only comes through the Holy Spirit; however, I wanted to make sure they were thinking about these things.

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FREE Lesson Plan included with this book to aid in comprehension.

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We used this book with our young high schooler as part of his Bible curriculum. Wow...was this one powerful book! Please don't just hand this one off to your student as an independent read. EVERYONE should read this book, not just our students! It is so easy for kids growing up in Christian homes to slide by with their faith. Each one of us is called to meet Jesus for ourselves and make the most of our faith. A Must Read!