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Geography Through Art

Geography Through Art

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Geography Through Art

   by Sharon Jeffus and Jamie Aramini

International Art Projects for Kids

Geography Through Art is a fun book that encourages your students to enjoy art from all over the world. This book literally has something for everyone, grades K-12 - one of those books you’ll keep on the shelf to use year after year. Included are such projects as Russian mosaics, Polish paper cutting, Indian batik, Australian didgeridoos, stained glass windows, Pennsylvania Dutch fraktur, pencil drawings (with step by step instructions), water color, paper mache, sculpting, weaving, wood carving, arts and crafts, and more! Every project comes with easy-to follow directions, a materials list, and a cultural connection. Also included are sketches of famous artists, and artistic and architectural masterpieces. There are even reproducible maps and templates! That’s not all! Many of the projects are keyed to Eat Your Way Around the World (with an icon on the corner of the page) so you can be cooking and doing art with your kids while studying world history and culture! The book is also internet linked for even more study and ideas!

1 - 12

I used this book last year as a companion to our Social Studies. We didn't do every project, and sometimes adapted a project to suit our needs a little better. We also used ideas from this book in choosing lessons and art projects for a co-op class. I especially liked the 'culture connection' tidbits that pointed out common threads between cultures and their art forms - for example, paper-cutting art forms in China and in Europe.