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These are the books that will equip you to lead a productive, God-honoring homeschool, and will change you, your family, and your life.  Each of the books in this section has been life-changing in both practical and spiritual ways.  Since our families are constantly changing and growing, so is our parenting and our marriages.  As long as you have kids at home, you should be in the frame of mind to learn and grow in your parenting and in your marriage. If you need help, equipping, training, fresh vision, or encouragement, then take time to browse through this section of books.  Enjoy!

An SHP Favorite!, Hardcover, 64 Pages, 9780932859464

How do we know that God wrote the Bible? What makes the Bible different from other books? Does the Bible have errors in it? Where did the Bible come from? Answers to these types of questions can be found in this book for 4th-6th graders. With 13 chapters, professional artwork, charts, and activity pages, this resource is excellent for both Bible class and homeschool instruction.


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