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Exploring Economics Curriculum Package by Ray Notgrass

Exploring Economics is a one-semester homeschool high school course that helps students understand economic terms and issues that have an impact on the United States and its citizens. Written from a perspective of faith in God and trust in His Word, Exploring Economics surveys Biblical teachings on money and finance, provides an overview of the economic history of the United States, gives a clear explanation of terms and concepts used in economics, discusses economic issues confronting us today, and puts our participation in the national and world economies on a personal level. In a time when economic activity is challenging classic definitions, Exploring Economics reasserts the importance of the free market system and enables students to take part in the economy with knowledge and faith.

What the student is to do each day is clearly outlined. In addition to reading 75 lessons, students read a collection of essays calledThe Stewardship of God's Riches. Most lessons feature either a reading assignment, a writing assignment or an Econ Lab, which allows the student to get a practical perspective on the material being studied. An optional Quiz and Exam Book is available to measure your child's progress. Completing one daily lesson should take 30-60 minutes.

The Exploring Economics Curriculum Package includes two books:

  • Exploring Economics, with 75 lessons divided into fifteen units of five lessons each.

  • The Stewardship of God's Riches, a collection of essays and speeches.


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