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Eat Your Way Around the World

Eat Your Way Around The World

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Eat Your Way Around The World

  by Jamie Aramini

The author, Jamie Aramini, did a wonderful job of making this a "friendly" book. In her introduction, Jamie writes: "'Eat Your Way Around the World' can be used in several ways. You can take your family on a whirlwind tour of the world, eating a meal from a different country each week of the month. Alternately, you could use the meals in this book to introduce each country as you study it." Jamie adapted the recipes in the book to be as simple as possible and to use ingredients widely available. You won't need to make special trips to specialty food stores. She even rated each recipe so you will know at a glance if it is easy or difficult. She also tried to present an entire meal's worth of recipes from each country, so you can prepare (for example), an entire Mexican meal - not just a Mexican dish.

Included in the book are etiquette hints (as different cultures have widely differing etiquette practices), food profiles, fascinating cultural tidbits, ideas for a world travel night, food journaling opportunities, and even a passport activity (where your kids will get their "passport" stamped for each country they "visit"). The book is divided by continent and country as follows: Africa (Egypt, Ethiopia, Kenya, Morocco, Nigeria, South Africa), Asia (China, India, Israel, Japan, South Korea), Europe (France, Germany, Great Britain, Ireland, Italy, Netherlands, Russia, Spain), North America (Canada, Guatemala, Jamaica, Mexico, United States), South America (Argentina, Brazil, Peru, Venezuela), Oceania (Australia, New Zealand). This book could easily be adapted to any study of world history or geography! This is the easiest way to homeschool - after all, you have to eat! Why not make eating an educational experience???

K - 12
Geography Matters

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