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Cooking & Science (for High School Students)



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Cooking & Science (for High School Students)

 by Kathleen and Kelly Julicher

Cooking & Science is a cleverly designed chemistry lab book. Originally designed to supplement your current studies in chemistry, I personally think it could stand alone as a basic chemistry course. In a clear and interesting style, the author explains the chemistry behind, for example, yeast in baking bread--complete with vocabulary, application questions, and formulas. The student is led through the process of creating a hypothesis. Then, for the lab, the student will actually bake the bread (recipe included) to
test it. There are also ideas for additional research. This is well-suited to block-study: Spend lots of time on 1 day doing science (Bread takes time!), then do other studies on alternate days. Lessons in the high school level include freezing point (ice cream), crystals (maple sugar candy), colloid formation (pecan pie), oxidation (fruit cobbler) - and more! There’s even a donut recipe that is 6 generations old (to study rates of reaction). By the way, this is a serious course, despite the fun subject matter! 

The High School  level (Grades 7 - 12) has 10 experiments  


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