Classic Favorite Children's Stories

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I'm sure you can tell by my selection of elementary programs that my favorite method of teaching young'ns is to cuddle up with them and learn. There are so many advantages to this method, including building love and trust between you the teacher and the student (invaluable as your kids get older), instilling confidence in them, and even including your preschoolers in your lessons. These classic children's stories are not just fun to read, some are historical, some geographical and others even scientific.

Trumpet of the Swan
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Softcover, 272 pages , 9780064408677

Trumpet of the Swan is by the author of Stuart Little and Charlotte's Web.  It is the story of a handicapped trumpeter swan named Louis who is befriended by a little boy.  Louis is unable to trumpet like other swans, and thus cannot win a mate.  with the help of Sam, he learns to read and write.  Though helpful, he still can't trumpet.  Finally his father breaks into a music store and steals a trumpet for his son.  Louis, after many adventures, eventually wins a mate and works to repay his father's debt. 


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