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US Chemistry Bits Kit

US Chemistry Bits Kit

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Chemistry Bits Kit   Universe of Science

The Chemistry Bits Kit contains 14 mini-kits in zip-shut bags with lots of supplies and instructions to do a variety of experiments several times. 

The Following Experiments are contained in the Chemistry Bits Kit:

Polarity of Water    Concepts: polarity, hydrogen bonding, electrostatics, use of the pipet.

The Spectator Concepts: spectrum, spectroscopy, absorption of light, diffraction and interference.

Crystal Gel   Concepts: osmosis, gels, polymers.

Crystal Tree    Concepts: solutions, capillary action, crystallization.

Super Water Absorber   Concepts: absorption, osmosis, gels and polymers.

Disappearing Ink   Concepts: indicators, pH, acid-base reactions.

Solar Beads    Concepts: reversible photochemical reactions.

Quantum Leap   Concepts: phosphorescence, quantum theory.

Cool Chem-Light  Concepts: chemiluminescence, use of the pipet. (requires a small amount of bleach)

Magic Color Crystals  Concepts: indicators, pH, acid-base reactions. Chemical reaction that you can drink.

Jelly Things    Concepts: gels, polymers. Edible chemical reactions.

Thermochromic Things   Concepts: reversible thermochromic changes, liquid crystals, leuco dyes

Photochromic Paint   Concepts: reversible photochemical reactions.

Chroma-Tricks Markers   Concepts: chromatography, acid-base and oxidation-reduction reactions.



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