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Capitalism for Kids

Capitalism For Kids: Growing Up To Be Your Own Boss

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Capitalism For Kids Growing Up To Be Your Own Boss

by Karl Hess

Provides an outstanding introduction to the philosophy of entrepreneurship. Author Karl Hess stresses how a person can earn a profit in business while maintaining the highest possible standards of honesty and integrity.  He includes a self-test to help the reader determine how enterprising he/she really is, as well as an excellent chapter on Capitalism and other Isms, that clearly defines capitalism, democratic socialism, socialism, totalitarianism and communism.  Although written with young people in mind, many adults will benefit from reading this book, especially the section which was written specifically for teachers and parents. 

Ages 13 - Adult

7 - 12
Bluestocking Press

I love this book! My son began his own egg-selling business this past year and I was looking for a written "text" or book that would give him some foundational principles on business topics. After searching and previewing numerous options, I took a chance and ordered this book. A perfect fit! Short chapters make this book an easy read, but it is definitely not "dumbed-down". In the style typical for this series of books, complicated topics that mystify many adults are presented in a straightforward, direct, easy-to-understand manner.
As I was pre-reading it before giving it to my son, I realized even I was learning new information! Some issues/terms that I couldn't define on my own were explained in a way that made great sense.
Since there wasn't a "guide" or companion book to accompany this text and I wanted to count it as high school credit, I spent a little bit of time creating questions to accompany each chapter. Reading this book, and answering my study guide questions, along with the many hours of on-the-job experience allowed my son to gain 1 credit for our "Intro To Business" course. Will be using this with subsequent children as they come up the ranks!