Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Casserole: Cooking With Kids

Bacon-casserole-unbakedCooking with kids, as you know, can be fun and interesting. And occasionally they’ll even create a recipe that makes everyone go “wow!” and becomes a ‘keeper.’ You’ve probably all heard of or had the popular bacon-wrapped chicken. It’s a family favorite, but if you’re homeschooling and/or have a large family, it’s excessively time consuming to prepare. Well, 14-year-old Becca came up with the idea of turning the recipe into a casserole to save time. Add to that the fact that we were short on some ingredients and had to improvise, and her final recipe was amazing. She made a HUGE casserole to feed our family (20 people), but you can easily halve this recipe to suit your family. I know you’ll enjoy this variation: Continue reading

Christmas baking?…or School?

Practicing hospitality

Baking for a bake sale, and presenting the baked items in a pleasing manner are great skills to learn – practical and rewarding!

Merry Christmas! I’m posting some great Christmas recipes for you to make with your kids. It’s a wonderful time of year to take the day off from book-work to do home- ec with them!  I’m not just making excuses for shoddy school. We (meaning my kids and I) have learned more real-life and eternal skills in the kitchen than at the desk. The Gospel is at work in powerful ways in the kitchen! I know you know this. What you might have a hard time believing is that it really is okay to take several days off from “real school” to bake and create for Christmas – and that doing so really does constitute real school. Continue reading