The Struggling Reader, Part 1

Big sis teaching little sis how to read.

Let me ask you a question. What, to you, is one of the most exciting, wonder-filled moments you’ve experienced with your children as a result of homeschooling?

Oh, I could list so many!…Moments of spiritual or educational awareness – when the proverbial light comes on and you hear, “Oh-h-h! I get it!”  For me one of my favorites is that moment, when I’m teaching my little one to read… and he reads his very first word.  His excitement, as he hops off my lap, runs to Daddy, exclaiming, “Look, Daddy! I can read!! C-a-t. Cat. See! I can read!” It’s that moment when a whole new world of possibilities opens up for that child. Oh, Mom, I love  that! Love it, love it, love it! Continue reading

When School is Torture

Kids who hate school

Do you have kids who consider school to be a form of torture?

You always wanted to be a fly on the wall of my homeschool, right? Well, here’s your chance! I want to encourage all you homeschool moms who are educating little boys and little girls who despise school. These are kids who’d rather go to the dentist to have their teeth scraped and picked than to sit and do a page of math problems. Continue reading