The Best Toys…Ever!

Becca's Deep FryerWhen it comes to purchasing educational toys for your kids, I have a suggestion.  If your son or daughter is interested in realistic toys (like cookware or tools), I would suggest that you forget all the glitzy toy versions.  We’ve spent more money  on pint-sized kitchen items and tiny tools than I care to remember. In nearly every case, these little toys did not entertain for long, and in many cases, they just frustrated the kids. That child-sized “real” sewing machine was so annoying, it nearly insured my daughters would never sew again. The mini-bake oven was pitiful.  My sons’ little tools weren’t strong enough to build anything.  They just broke. Continue reading

Dining Out – Gluten Free

I have celiac disease.  No biggy, I love my diet!  However, during the holidays when you’re eating out more than usual, it can be difficult to find “safe” places to eat.  Well, I have a wonderful list of great restaurants that provide gluten free menus for those of us who need them.  All you have to do is ask the hostess when you arrive, and she’ll give you a gluten free menu. I couldn’t find all the menus on line, but I have been handed a menu at each of these restaurants when I request one (unless noted below). I hope you find this list helpful (it’s a little different from my normal post!):

Chain restaurants:Gluten Free menu

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