Christmas baking?…or School?

Practicing hospitality

Baking for a bake sale, and presenting the baked items in a pleasing manner are great skills to learn – practical and rewarding!

Merry Christmas! I’m posting some great Christmas recipes for you to make with your kids. It’s a wonderful time of year to take the day off from book-work to do home- ec with them!  I’m not just making excuses for shoddy school. We (meaning my kids and I) have learned more real-life and eternal skills in the kitchen than at the desk. The Gospel is at work in powerful ways in the kitchen! I know you know this. What you might have a hard time believing is that it really is okay to take several days off from “real school” to bake and create for Christmas – and that doing so really does constitute real school. Continue reading

Fun, Edible, Easy, Spectacular Thanksgiving Project

Every now and then you run into a truly simple project that even a child can do…but with very professional looking results. Edible chocolate leaves happens to be one of those projects. It’s so easy!…and there’s even an educational component. How can you go wrong with turning chocolate into an educational project!

This is a technique I learned in cake decorating. This collection of leaves is entirely made of chocolate…and were made by my daughter Monica. Edible, easy…and rather spectacular! Aren’t they lovely!  Here’s a simple tutorial…


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