I am a mommy….just like you.  I homeschool…just like you.  I cook and clean, eat chocolate, and love to hang out with my friends…just like you.  I love my Jesus, my husband, and my kids…just like you.  I have to admit it makes me laugh when I hear people say, “Your life is so different than mine; very little of what you have to say would ever apply to me and my situation.”  I beg to differ.  I think you and I have lots in common, lots to share, and lots to glean and learn from each other.  I am NOT a supermom.  I have a messy house, often.  Probably one of the main differences between you and me is that I’ve probably done this more times than you for longer than you.  But, like you, I’m still learning and growing.  I still have little kids at home (even though I’m a grandma), still have fingerprints on my walls, more laundry than I can keep up with, still teach reading lessons daily to my little guy, kiss booboos, wipe noses, and build legos.  My heart’s desire for this blog is to become friends and to share, laugh, and cry together during this busy (and often overwhelming) season of homeschooling.  As a result, I hope to make new friends, learn and grow together, and to encourage each other.  So, now that you know that, I’ll give you more details about me.  I just hope it doesn’t prejudice you against me!

I’m almost 50.  I’ve been married 30 years.  My husband is my best friend.

I have 9 children, 7 boys and 2 girls, ranging in age from 7 to 27.  Five are married.  Four are still at home and being homeschooled.  I have 3 grandchildren.

I’ve been homeschooling for 20 years; so yes, I’ve learned a lot.  However, I have 11 years (Lord willing) of homeschooling ahead of me.  I need you, my friends, to help and encourage me.  I hope I can help and encourage you, too.

I have celiac disease, so I love cooking and enjoy experimenting with gluten free recipes.  I used to be a “professional” cake decorator, and still do that on occasion when time allows.

My hobbies include writing, reading, and stitching (especially cross stitching, quilting, and crocheting).

I’ve written a few books (including Homeschool Supermom…NOT!), and as a result, started Schoolhouse Publishing.  We publish our own books, but also carry all kinds of great curriculum.  Knowing what it’s like to be a single-income family, we run our business in order to bless other homeschool families with limited income, like us.  We discount everything we can as much as possible.  We’ve had the privilege of using just about everything we carry over our 20 years of homeschooling, which makes us a little more than just a homeschool provider.  We can actually talk about the curriculum and books we sell.

I love chocolate and coffee.

I love God and pray my life brings Him great glory.

I hope we will grow to be friends.  We’re already sisters!

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