Teaching Reading…the Purry Pet Way

            It’s a beautiful fall day, probably the last of the year.  I had a brilliant idea:  I would invite my little guy to do his reading lesson outside.  Perhaps this would give him a spark to actually enjoy his reading lesson.  His reading is so slow and laborious, sprinkled with complaints, rabbit-trails, and emotional sighs.  So, what do you do with a little boy, almost 8, who hates to read…and doesn’t really want to learn to read?

            Right away I noticed Caleb was a little more excited about doing his lesson, but the excitement didn’t last long.  It wasn’t long before he was upset and distracted again, “Aargh.  WHY do I have to do this??? <*dramatic sigh*>”  Suddenly our pet kitty, Chloe, hopped up on the picnic table, determined to brighten Caleb’s gloomy outlook. At first Caleb was just annoyed by this furry interruption (as was I).

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What a Mess!

“Mom, I’ll help make dinner!  I’m a great cook…honest,” exclaimed my exuberant seven-year-old.  “Shepherd pie is my favorite!”

*Sigh*…I really did need help in the kitchen – consistent help – and that comes only one way that I can figure!  Yep, train them to cook!  So, I said (rather reluctantly) yes.  And thus begins the transformation of my kitchen from a sparkly clean place that invites creativity to a dirty, crumbly, greasy…Yuck!

First, Caleb stirred (or…flinged) the burger in the skillet until browned (notice the burger and carrots all over the stove).  He stirred in the gravy (and splashed that all over as well).

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