Big WHAT NOW Book of Learning Styles – Review

          I am reading a book right now that I find is sparking my enthusiasm for educating my kids….like I haven’t been sparked in a long time! When you’ve been homeschooling for a long time, it’s very easy to fall into this trap: “I’ve heard it all, done it all, and you can’t teach me anything about homeschooling that I don’t already know.” After all, I’ve read just about every book ever written on the subject, and listened to just about every speaker out there…
          Proud. I know.
          But, suddenly I find myself really excited about the adventure and mystery of homeschooling all over again – like a newbie! – all because of a book. So, let me tell you about this gem of inspiration bound inside the covers of this innocent-looking book. Carol Barnier gave me a copy to review – and little did she know her book would become my “find of the year.”   Continue reading