Why Homeschool Moms Should Smile

I am smiling this very moment.

Call it an exercise.


Trying to form a habit.

I want my wrinkles to be smile wrinkles, not frown wrinkles.

But, most of all I want the atmosphere of my home to be joyful. Giddily, gloriously, laughingly, addictively joyful. Perhaps my goal seems unreachable, the bar set too high. After all, it’s an ugly world we live in. It’s a house full of sinners that I live in, and I am the chief. Continue reading

The Struggling Reader, Part 2

Becca reading to Caleb

Siblings sharing a book.

Teaching my own child to read is one of the most exciting and sobering things I’ve done. If God is the foundation of our children’s education, then reading is the ground floor. Nothing can make you feel an inadequate teacher more than a struggling reader.

I remember trying to teach my first child how to read. The experts at his kindergarten believed he was dyslexic and wanted to put him in a special ed class. In rebellion, my husband and I brought him home, and I became his teacher. It was a nightmare. I had no idea what I was doing, but reading is my passion!…how hard could it be to pass this passion on to my son. Continue reading