Rising to the Challenge

Homeschool GraduationRising to the Challenge – James Stobaugh Interview, Part 2

Inadequacy. It’s probably one of the primary reasons many homeschool moms struggle and eventually give up homeschooling. I know I constantly struggle with inadequacy. I consistently find myself asking questions—and I’m sure you do as well—such as:

  • I never learned this in school myself. How can I ever teach it.
  • I was unmotivated as a student myself when I was that age. And, I I’m an unmotivated teacher. How can I possibly motivate my student to excel?
  • My kids don’t respond well to me. How will they ever learn!
  • I’m so disorganized. I never carry through with the homeschool plans I’ve made.
  • If I homeschool through high school, I’ll ruin them!

 The siren call of inadequacy. Satan whispering in our ears: “You can’t do it. You’re not capable. Your kids will be ruined and it will be your fault. Certainly scripture promises that God equips us when He calls us, is strong when we are weak, is adequate when we are inadequate…but did He really say…?” Echoes of Eve reverberating through our souls. Continue reading

No Child Left Behind

No, I’m not getting political.  Rather I’m being reflective.

You see, I feel this school year was in many ways a failure.  It was a tough year.  “Joy” wouldn’t be a word I would use as a common characteristic of the year.  Though I had planned a very academic year, as we plowed through the work load, somewhere along the way we lost momentum. Add health problems and a crazy travel season (with Schoolhouse Publishing) to the mix.  Joy was no longer our fuel, and we limped through to the finish line.  Our “highly academic” year ended up being highly deficient.

Why? Continue reading