About Susie Kemmerer

In His Grip: I am the mom of 9 precious kids (7 sons and 2 daughters); however, I'm not like the stereotypical homeschool mom that you see featured in magazines. I'm pretty average. I'm not the smartest or the most creative, or the godliest - but I am in the grip of God's grace, and that makes the difference. I am also the wife to my wonderful husband of 30 years. When time permits, I enjoy reading and writing, cross stitch and quilting, cooking and baking,...and, of course, homeschooling.

Bacon-Wrapped Chicken Casserole: Cooking With Kids

Bacon-casserole-unbakedCooking with kids, as you know, can be fun and interesting. And occasionally they’ll even create a recipe that makes everyone go “wow!” and becomes a ‘keeper.’ You’ve probably all heard of or had the popular bacon-wrapped chicken. It’s a family favorite, but if you’re homeschooling and/or have a large family, it’s excessively time consuming to prepare. Well, 14-year-old Becca came up with the idea of turning the recipe into a casserole to save time. Add to that the fact that we were short on some ingredients and had to improvise, and her final recipe was amazing. She made a HUGE casserole to feed our family (20 people), but you can easily halve this recipe to suit your family. I know you’ll enjoy this variation: Continue reading

Why Homeschool Moms Should Smile

I am smiling this very moment.

Call it an exercise.


Trying to form a habit.

I want my wrinkles to be smile wrinkles, not frown wrinkles.

But, most of all I want the atmosphere of my home to be joyful. Giddily, gloriously, laughingly, addictively joyful. Perhaps my goal seems unreachable, the bar set too high. After all, it’s an ugly world we live in. It’s a house full of sinners that I live in, and I am the chief. Continue reading