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Biology 101 Video Course

Biology 101

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Biology 101 - At long last I found a high school science course that is in-depth and thorough, but geared to students who aren’t skipping right from junior high science to college-prep science.  I’ve spent 20 years looking for an actual high school science course that WAS a high school science course, not a college 101 course.  This course is wonderful! 


Taking God’s word as the starting point, this DVD course divides all life according to the days of creation. An exciting, visually rich experience, it is designed specifically for ages 15 years old and up. Filmed in locations throughout America’s beautiful Northwest, Biology 101 is full of accurate and fascinating information supported by hundreds of captivating visuals and graphics.  Wes Olson is a hoot, and the teens really enjoy his dry sense of humor. Students will find the series captivating and unusually informative. In fact, the entire family might enjoy watching each segment together and engaging in lively discussions about the material.  

The 4 DVD set is accompanied by a printable (pdf) guidebook, allowing the student to easily review all the information covered in the film. Each guidebook segment includes a multiple choice quiz and discussion questions. A 12-page “Course Accreditation Program” booklet is included in a printable pdf format, for those who want the DVDs to form the foundation of a full school year’s biology course. I love this wonderful little perk.  It lays out a day-by-day lesson plan that not only tells the student when to watch the movie and work in his guidebook, but adds fun projects that make an already-wonderful course absolutely sparkle!  For example, one extremely easy project simply involved taking the student out to lunch, then after he orders, having him classify all the food on his plate into its appropriate kingdom/phylum.  Simple, granted, but what teenager wouldn’t love a project that involves food?  To see samples of the guide book and the daily lesson plan (“Course Accreditation Program”), click on the links below.


Biology 101 was developed and hosted by Wes Olson, Multnomah Bible College graduate, veteran filmmaker of 15 years, and homeschooling father. Wes guides you through the world of “biological science,” unraveling and decoding terms and ideas. This DVD course of study will help you fully integrate the world of biology into an accurate Biblical worldview.  Wes says, “Our highest goal for our children is to love God. We also want them to enjoy the process of learning about God’s world. We decided to devote ourselves, and my 15 years of professional filmmaking experience, to the task of creating a rich and exciting Biology program of study that was Biblically-based, challenging, and filled with fascinating information.”

The four DVD set contains a coherent, easy to understand and faith-based comprehension of the world around us. Many modern biologists ignore God’s revelation of His creation. Biology 101 presents the study of biology following the actual creation days revealed in the book of Genesis. The nine individual segments provide a thoroughly Biblical framework and most of them run from 30-45 minutes each.  More good news:  Wes Olson is currently working on a chemistry course which should be available soon.  Keep checking back for updates!


*Intended audience age: 15 and up. However, every word, graphic and picture in Biology 101 has been carefully selected and is appropriate for the entire family.

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Review:  “Wes Olson has a gift. He can take biology, which at best might bore us, and at worst might frighten us, and show us that which would never bore us, and should always frighten us, the glory of God.”



~Dr. R C Sproul, Jr., Author and Theologian


To see a sample of the guide book, click this icon:  Biology 101 Guide Book

To see a sample of the accreditation guide (lesson plan), click this icon:  Biology 101 Lesson Plan

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I purchased this for my 10th grader. We are 1 month into the program.
It is absolutely wonderful! He LOVES it.
My husband is enjoying watching it in his spare time.
Our children enjoy watching it too.
We are doing the full course and so far it has been very enriching.
A big thumbs!!!