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Amos Fortune, Free Man Progeny Press Study Guide CD

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Amos Fortune, Free Man  Progeny Press Study Guide CD by Carole Pelttari

for the novel by Elizabeth Yates

This Progeny Press Study Guide assists in reading and comprehension for your student as he reads through the book "Amos Fortune, Free Man". It will give a  synopsis of the book, as well as background information on the author, and the historical setting. Activities include comprehension questions, character studies, critical thinking exercises, scripture application, vocabulary, puzzles, essay ideas, and project ideas. An answer key is included with each guide. This is a re-producable CD making it convenient for multiple children within your family.

About "Amos Fortune, Free Man":

Amos Fortune, Free Man by Elizabeth Yates is based on a true story and is a Newbury classic. Amos was brutally taken from his family and land, and sold as a slave in New England. His master was kind, as masters go, taught him to read, taught him of God, and paid him a small salary so that he could buy his own freedom in time. Unfortunately, before that could happen, his master died and Amos was bought by another master - a tanner. This master, too, was kind. He taught Amos everything about tanning. He eventually set Amos free after setting him up in his own business. Through perseverance and hard work, Amos saved up money to buy the freedom of four more slaves, eventually becoming a respected member of his community and church, in a day when such things were largely unheard of. A sad and beautiful story, depicting the evils of slavery - even in the "best" of circumstances. This book makes an excellent addition to any study of American history.

Grade Level 5 - 7

5 - 7
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