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Adam and His Kin

Adam and His Kin

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Adam and His Kin 

by Ruth Beechick


This little fictional novel, written by Ruth Beechick, is based on the story of Adam, his sons...all the way through Noah and the first patriarchs. I loved this book, finding it imaginative and interesting. Ruth paints a compelling picture of what it might have been like back in those days when the first parents were sent from God's presence and from the garden, and how Adam tried (not altogether successfully) to pass the truth down to his sons. As she weaves the generations together, you really learn a lot. For example, did you ever wonder how Abram knew about God when he was called out of Ur? Beechick surmises (based on geneaologies) that Noah's son Shem would have been alive when Abraham was young, and would have deliberately passed on his knowledge of God to his grandson many generations removed. A fascinatingly plausible account of those early days of earth's history.

This story is recommended in TruthQuest Ancient Egypt/Greece, but would go well with any study of Ancient Civilizations


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