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Progeny Press Across Five Aprils

Across Five Aprils Progeny Press Study Guide CD

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Across Five Aprils  Progeny Press Study Guide CD by Carol Clark

This Progeny Press Study Guide assists in reading and comprehension for your student as he reads through the book "Across Five Aprils". It will give a  synopsis of the book, as well as background information on the author, and the historical setting. Activities include comprehension questions, character studies, critical thinking exercises, scripture application, vocabulary, puzzles, essay ideas, and project ideas. An answer key is included with each guide. This is a re-producable CD making it convenient for multiple children within your family.

About "Across Five Aprils":

Across Five Aprils is the touching story of Jethro Creighton. When the Civil War breaks out, his family is split, with brothers joining both sides of the cause. When cousins also join the war, the two families join forces to keep the farm going. Jethro's father dies unexpectedly, and young Jethro is now the man of the family. With emotions throughout the country running high, and with it being well known that the Creighton family has soldiers on both sides of the war, Jethro seems unable to find acceptance anywhere. Danger, murder, vandalism - their family is targeted by hotheads on both sides of the issues. During the five years of the War, Jethro grows from boyhood to manhood. "Across Five Aprils," by Irene Hunt, won 4 different awards, including a Newbery Honor. It makes an excellent addition to any study of American history and the Civil War.

Grade Level 5 - 9

5 - 9
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