A Lion to Guard Us by Bulla

A Lion to Guard Us




A Lion to Guard Us by Clyde Robert Bulla - homeschool history, early American history, colonization

Amanda Freebold doesn't know what to do. Her father left three years ago for the new colony Jamestown, in America, thousands of miles away. All Amanda has to remember him by is a little brass lion's head he gave his family to guard them while he is gone. Now her mother has just died, leaving Amanda to take care of her younger brother and sister. Left on their own in seventeenth-century London, the three impoverished children draw upon all their resources to stay together and make their way to the Virginia colony in search of their father.

A Lion to Guard Us provides exciting historyical fiction for young readers and makes a great addition to your homeschool library. It is recommended reading for the following home school curriculum programs: Illuminations, Sonlight, and Trail Guide to Learning.

128 pgs
ages 7-9

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