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10 Days in Asia

10 Days in Asia Game

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10 Days in Asia Game

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10 Days in Asia - this fun game is a painless way to teach your kids simple geography.  Each game comes with a map board and numerous cards. The object is to be the first person to complete a 10- day trip. The catch, however, is that you can only travel to adjacent states/countries, unless you fly, train, or ship your way to a more distant location. By the time you and your students have played this game, your geography and critical thinking skills will be much improved! Highly acclaimed, and the winner of 12 different awards, including the “Top 10 Board Games” award (from About.com), the Parent’s Choice Award, and the Dr. Toy Award. Please note that the map depicted on the game boards was current as of2003. Here is the official game information: Although the 10 Days series of games is designed primarily for game value, each country and state tile displays the capital name and population information. This information is not used in the game but included for the interest of the players. The tiles can be used as flash cards or for reference. Please keep in mind that geographic information is constantly changing: the 10 Days series is current as of the date of publication. The CIA World Factbook, and the National Geographic websites, are both excellent sources for more information. Develops interpersonal skills: Opportunity to learn/practice social skills in a competitive setting. Improves geography skills: Familiarity with maps of specific areas; Use of maps as a source of information; Ability to locate places on a map; Familiarity with place names–countries and states; Familiarity with place locations–countries and states. Thinking skills: Pattern recognition; Geographic sequencing; Utilize probability in decision-making; Strategic planning; Adaptive reasoning. Motivates players: Maps and travel theme are engaging; Players improve their skills as they play.

Ages 10 - Adult

2 - 4 players

4 - Adult
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